IAI - Intelligent Actuator – 1-4 axis of motion, including SCARA robots; Integrated systems; Linear Actuators; ROBO-Cylinders; grippers; wash down Actuators: Rotary’s. Plug and Play Systems delivered pre-configured to your specs and ready to go right out of the box. Introducing the newest innovation, the ROBO- Cylinder. Control: Position; Speed; Accel/Decel; & Torque.



Schmalz Vacuum Components – Suction Cups and Plates; Special Grippers; Mounting Elements; Vacuum Generators; Valve Technology; Switches and Sensors; Filters and Connections; Vacuum Gripping Systems; Fully configured systems for industrial robots. Schmalz also offers vacuum handling systems. These systems ensure for ergonomically efficient material flow while easing the burden on your employees.



Dalsa– Machine Vision Systems. A company that has been servicing the Machine Vision industry for 25 years. VA2X products incorporate the “smarts” inside the camera controller, as opposed to the camera head. This allows the unit to be positioned alongside other automation controllers for easy wiring. It also allows us to offer miniature camera solutions for easy mounting in tight-fit or moving applications.




Switches/Sensors; 3 Position Enabling Devices; Guard Mats/Strips/Bumpers; Two Hand Devices; Safety PLC; Quick Guard Fencing System. One of the most innovative companies in machine safety. For nearly two decades Jokab Safety has continued to redefine and reinvent machine safety devices. The “EDEN” system, a non-contact/non-magnetic Safety Sensor for interlocking doors. This Vital Control System operates on a dynamic signal with the sensor functions being continually checked. Using this technique, only one channel is needed to achieve the highest level of safety, and up to 30 interlocking gates/doors can be supervised and connected in series to “ONE” safety controller. This can result in “HUGE” cost savings for your projects.



Weber Screwdriving Systems – The world leader Give customers a reason to do business with screwdriving technology. Automated assembly systems, screw-feeders, nut-feeders, bolts, pins, studs, etc. Automatic feed insertion using torque control servo technology. The best there is.



Weiss Indexers- WEISS offers a large line of products including: freely programmable indexers, fixed station indexers, linear systems, handling systems and customer specific solutions. From bodywork parts all the way to special ball bearings, WEISS can do it all. WEISS components can be used in a wide range when manufacturing products all high quality, and extremely reliable.




Zimmer- Zimmer Shocks have a unique spiral groove that is defining the feature of industrial shock absorbers. When it comes to breaks and clamps they are the best in the business, and can choose from manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric. They also provide grippers, vacuum components, swivel units, tool changers, and end of arm tooling solutions.

performance FEEDERS


Performance Feeders- Performance Feeders Inc. is a leader in the parts handling industry, providing custom parts feeding and material handling solutions. Our product line includes vibratory feeder bowl systems and conveyor belt systems for a variety of automation and industries including automotive and medical manufacturing.

glide line


Glide Line Conveyors- Glide-Line offers the most versatile multi-strand panel & pallet-handling solutions available for the assembly automation industry. You can customize your conveyor with our free solid works configuration tool IMACT! You are able to make changes on the fly throughout the entire design process. The life cycle, price, part number, and models are all updated as the configuration options change. We can ensure you competitive pricing and faster delivery times. Our conveyors are as flexible as your imagination!


QC Industries


QC Industries – QC Industries has specialized in creating low profile. Potential conveyor applications include automation, assembly, food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical/medical, automotive and many more. Belt conveyors are available with rigid aluminum frames Automation Series, rugged steel frames, Industrial Series, or stainless-steel frames Sanitary Series.



Contrinex Sensors– Manufacturer of inductive, photoelectric, and proximity switches of all current sizes. Specializing on long range proximity sensors for peak performance. Ultrasonic & Capacitive Sensors, Connectors, Cables, Fibers & RFID Distributors.



GSM– Offers a high-quality machine safety fence system, solid machine access solutions, sturdy conveyor technology and customized solutions. In-house research and design as well as a high level of vertical integration allow us to provide you with the approved high quality of GSM. Our state-of-the-art powder spray coating device applies the sturdy structural color coating that guarantees the high-class durability of our products.




Airtec Pneumatic Components– One of the most Innovative Robust Rodless Cylinders available today; Valves: Mechanically, Manually, Pneumatically & electrically operated air valves.



Pneuforce Fittings- Pneuforce Fittings are used to connect pneumatic tubing to various fluid power valves, cylinders and associated equipment. The tubing can be attached and reattached many times without damaging the tube or fitting. All threads are nickel plated. NPT tapered threads have a pre-coated thread sealant applied for ease of assembly. Universal Tri Thread fittings and 10-32UNF threads utilize an NBR O Ring seal.



Cool Muscle - is the integrated AC servo system that combines all functions for motion control. The use of its own program language "CML" allows for easy creation and control of motion such as PTP motion, torque control. COOL MUSCLE provides the one of the highest system solutions.

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Legris Connectic – Push-in fittings allow fast circuit assembly for conveying compressed air, gas or liquids at a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Hose includes: polyamide, polyurethane, anti-spark, fluoropolymer, polyethylene, self-fastening, and PVC. Legris compression fittings enable the secure installation of plastic and metal tubing. The range of ball valves, including standard, axial, and needle valves. Our couplers allow reliable and quick connection and disconnection with a wide range in sizes. We offer a comprehensive range of accessories featuring brass, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel components: adapters, plugs, manifolds and sealing products.



Igus – Igus specializes in E-Chains and accessories, special flex cables, Drive cables, Pre-assembled E Chains, Polymer plastic bushings and barrings, Spherical barrings just to name a few.

cowan dynamics



Hydraulic Actuation: Standard NFPA, Mill-type and customer actuation. Designed and built for harsh environments. Pneumatic Actuation: Standard NFPA, Mill-type, valve and customer actuators. Offered for on/off and modulation applications. Package Solutions: Specialized design, engineering and assembly of automation control systems.